Waterfowl Hunting Package

Duck Hunt with Final Flight Outfitters
This package includes a four-person 2-day hunt during the 2021/2022 waterfowl season with the team at Final Flight Outfitters. Meals and lodging at Final Flight Lodge are included. Hunting dates are subject to availability. Hunting from comfortable blinds or pits, the hunters will enjoy watching experienced guides decoy ducks along the Obion bottoms on Powers & Midway Farms. Located just a stone’s-throw from the Mississippi River and famed Reelfoot Lake, hunters will have the opportunity to hunt the same ancient waterfowl migration route that has drawn hunters from all over the country to west Tennessee for more than a century.

Retay Masai Mara 12ga. Shotgun
Retay Masai Mara Mossy Oak New Bottomland 12ga 3in Semi Automatic Shotgun – 28in – Masai Mara is a lightweight high performance semi-automatic inertia powered shotgun featuring Retay’s “Inertia Plus System, It’s the world’s most advanced inertia action. The Inertia Plus System ™ eliminates misfires by ensuring the system’s rotating bolt locks into the chamber under all conditions while at the same time preventing unintended disengagement. Retay’s Inertia Plus System ensures that your shotgun will be ready when called upon.
Retay Inertia Plus System, the world’s most highly refined kinetic energy driven shotgun action…It operates using a recoil spring located in the stock and a rotating “floating” bolt in the style of the famous Bruno Civolani design. The Inertia Plus features a high polished or black anodized bolt engraved with Inertia Plus System and an oversized charging handle and bolt release.
Mara Barrel precision drilled, chrome lined, featuring pattern optimized elongated 2.5% degree forcing cones for enhanced shot placement and penetration. The Mara Barrel also features Retay’s proprietary Removable Ejector System, an 8mm vented sight rib, TruGlo front bead sight, and set of 5 interchangeable MaraPro choke tubes. Barrel finish options include matte, polished black or camo.
Push Button Detachable Trigger Group with generously sized trigger guard milled from solid billet aluminum with milled or wire EDM cut internal components with cross bolt manual safety. Trigger is available brightly polished or anodized black.
Lightweight, two-part round body receiver milled from Italian sourced 7075 aerospace grade aluminum alloy, featuring an oversized shell elevator and beveled loading port for fast reliable reloading of the 4+1 configuration tube magazine with aluminum shell follower and integrated limiter. Receiver finish options include soft touch matte anodizing, polished anodizing, Cerakote polymer ceramic coating or camo.
Adjustable stocks and forends made from high impact color infused synthetic with molded sling swivel anchors or Turkish walnut with diamond engraved checkering crafted In Italy .
Cervellati SRL, Italy, molded ergonomic high density micro-cell polyurethane recoil pad for exceptional shooting comfort.
MegaLine ABS fitted hard case with metal hinges, stock fit adjustment shims, sling swivels, gun oil included.
Easy Unload System
Rib Size: 8mm
Choke: Interchangeable MaraPro in C-IC-M-IM-F Safety: Push button cross bolt interceptor and removable RTS system
Fiber Optic by TruGlo Sight
Mossy Oak New Bottomland Receiver Finish
Vent Rib Barrel

TETRA Waterfowl AlphaShields 90 Series
Advanced hearing enhancement devices optimized for the most prominent and important sounds for the duck hunter (calls, wings, voices) while providing hearing protection from loud calling and gunshots.
In case there is any confusion, let’s set the record straight: duck hunting with unprotected ears causes hearing loss. As hearing doctors at TETRA, they see what years of waterfowl hunting does to their patients. Recent studies show that people with hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia, Alzheimers and other chronic health problems. Hearing loss impacts overall health and wellness, and ruins the hunting experience.
So why do 86% of hunters NOT use hearing protection? Previous products have distorted the sound of the call, either over-amplified everything or blocked out your surroundings, and just weren’t comfortable. TETRA solved those problems with the TETRA Shield Series. Using their patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization (STO) voices and calling are clear and natural while AlphaShield Compression reduces loud sounds to safe levels.
AlphaShield is a small, extremely comfortable, one-size-fits-all solution. AlphaShield provides great comfort and great protection without the need for an ear impression.
Extremely comfortable to wear all day
Change programs with push of a button
Battery operated
Waterfowl AlphaShields right and left
Waterproof carrying case
Pack of size 10 batteries
Cleaning tool
2 smaller pocket-sized soft cases
Left and right silicone tips (small/medium/large)
Left and right medical-grade memory-foam tips (small/medium/large)

Realtree Hunting Clothing
The winner of the Waterfowl Hunting Package will receive one full set of Realtree camo hunting clothing designed for waterfowl. The versatile Realtree camo apparel is designed for the field with each piece created to maximize comfort in any climate while maintaining the silent movement a skilled hunter requires. The winner will receive pants, shirt, jacket, and cap in the sizes of their choice.

LaCrosse Hunting Waders of Your Choice
The winner of the Waterfowl Hunting Package will receive a gift certificate for one pair of LaCrosse hunting waders of your choice. Lacrosse waders are serious waders for serious waterfowlers. Lacrosse has manufacturer quality footwear and waders since 1897. They are constantly improving technical aspects and manufacturer techniques and have maintain a premium wader image for years. What makes Lacrosse waders one of the top sellers today? Nothing new, it is still quality and innovation like the Armor Weld seam process that will keep you dry hunt after hunt and season after season.

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