2020 Tennessee Conservation Raffle

The raffle is closed.


The drawing took take place on Monday August 17, 2020.

We are excited to announce the lucky winners of the TWRF’s
2020 Conservation Raffle!

Place    Ticket Number        Name                     Hometown
1.           TWRF20-58036        Brandt Snedeker     Nashville TN – TN Elk Hunting Package
Brandt has chosen to donate this package to a combat wounded Tennessee veteran.

2.           TWRF20-14448        Jason Seaton          Sevierville TN – Deer Hunting Package
3.           TWRF20-84822        Tas Gardner             Paris TN – Off Road Package
4.           TWRF20-90890        Cody Macon             Midway TN – Turkey Hunting Package
5.           TWRF20-78763        Darren Belcher        Taylorsville NC – Fishing Package
6.           TWRF20-75201        David Barnard          Mount Juliet TN – Waterfowl Hunting Package
7.           TWRF20-44538        Michael Moore          Nashville TN – Camping Package


The 2020 TWRF’s Conservation Raffle drawing was conducted by a third party service provider, Random.org. Random.org was given a file that contained only ticket numbers. No other data was provided. Once the file was uploaded, their system randomly selected 7 numbers and provided a report (see below) that shows the order the numbers were selected. The winning 7 numbers were then manually crossed referenced to the purchasers by TWRF Staff, who verified the winning numbers selected by Random.Org matched the number of the purchaser. This verification took place three different occasions to ensure accuracy. 

RANDOM.ORG was founded by Dr. Mads Haahr, CEO, MIEEE, MACM, MICS in October 1998. Dr. Haahr has a PhD from Trinity College, Dublin and along with Dr. Svend Haahr; Danish Nationals, both currently serve as directors of Random.org. Random.org uses open source code and has been Peer-Reviewed by 14 scientific/industry professionals and organizations.  

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Description automatically generated

7 Winning numbers will be drawn in order. The first eligible number drawn will choose ONE of the 7 prize packages. The second eligible number drawn will choose ONE of the remaining 6 prize packages and so on until the seventh number drawn will receive the remaining prize package.

Ticket Prices: 1 Ticket for $20, 3 Tickets for $50, 10 Tickets for $100

Raffle is open to anyone 18 years and older. You do not have to be a resident of Tennessee to enter.

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