Heritage Package

The New Original Henry Deluxe Engraved TWRF Limited Edition .44-40 WCF
The newly manufactured Henry® Original Lever-Action Rifle is a high-grade replica of the original rifle designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry in 1860, and adopted in small quantities by the Union Army in the Civil War. The original Henry rifle was highly cherished at the time for its greater firepower, and eventually evolved into the famous lever-action guns that won the West. This new rifle is manufactured with exceedingly tight tolerances, using modern steel and brass alloys to ensure reliable operation and longevity. Fit and finish are superb. The Henry Original Lever-Action Rifle features a high-grade American walnut buttstock, which is fitted tightly to the polished brass butt plate and receiver. The octagonal barrel and tubular magazine are fabricated out of one piece of steel. The magazine holds thirteen .44 WCF cartridges (44/40), and has the traditional open bottom and brass follower. The barrel, lever, hammer, bolt, and trigger are high-polished blued steel. The receiver is made from specially-formulated hardened brass that shares the same tensile strength as steel. A traditional ladder-type steel rear sight and a blade front sight are useful at short to moderately long range. The Henry Original Lever-Action Rifle uses a traditional half-cock safety—there are no modern manual safeties to clutter the Henry’s elegant lines or its original mode of operation. Made in USA.
This rifle was exclusively made for the TWRF Conservation Raffle with the Tennessee Tri-Star emblem on one side of the receiver and the TWRF emblem on the other. This is the very first edition, Serial #TWRF0001.

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