Deer Hunting Package

President’s Island Deer Hunt
The winner of this package is entitled to participate in two, 3-day President’s Island Bow Hunts, Tennessee’s most coveted whitetail deer quota hunt. President’s Island is a 7,500-acre peninsula along the Mississippi River in Memphis, TN. Managed for trophy bucks for decades, President’s Island is a deer hunter’s dream come true. Limited access, antler restrictions, and low-density, archery-only draw opportunities have produced some world- class bucks over the years. Presidents Island is owned by the City of Memphis and Shelby County and managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. The unit has a 9-point or better rule, and it’s the hunt of a lifetime in West Tennessee. The winner will join 30 other bowhunters for a 3-day archery hunt timed to coincide with the rut. Hunters are allowed a single scouting day on October 14th, and the hunt will take place October 15-17, 2021 and December 2nd scout date for the hunt December 3-5, 2021. The quota draw is for one 3 day hunt, but if you win the raffle hunt, you get to go for both 3-day hunts! It has been taking upwards of 10 years or more to get drawn for this public land opportunity of a lifetime.

PSE Coalition Frontier
Delivering 380 fps, the Coalition Frontier is a fast and compact crossbow with an adjustable stock, illuminated reticle scope, quiver, bolts, and cocking rope.
Speed: 380-370 FPS, Draw Weight: 190 lbs., Overall Length: 33.625”, Mass Weight: 6.9 lbs., Kinetic Energy: 118 ft. lbs.
V4X32 Illuminated Reticle Scope, Dual String Stops, 5-Bolt Quiver, Anti-Dry Fire & Auto Safety Trigger, 3-20” Carbon Bolts with Field Points, Foot Stirrup, Limb Dampers, Cocking Rope, Cocking Winch Device Compatible, Rail Lube

TETRA Multi-Pursuit AmpPods (with Deer Programming)
TETRA AmpPods were designed by hunters for hunters. TETRA scientists analyzed the acoustical signatures of deer, elk, and turkey vocalizations and movement, and used our patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO) to develop an algorithm to specifically enhance those sounds. Now, with our multi-pursuit device, you can get all the custom programming in one convenient device, and changing between programs is as easy as one simple tap.
TETRA hearing devices feature patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO). STO is the world’s first hearing technology that isolates and enhances the exact frequencies needed to improve hearing for your specific hunting environment. The STO deer program accentuates grunts, bleats and those cautious footsteps of deer.
Extremely comfortable to wear all day
Change programs with a tap of your finger
Battery operated
Multi-Pursuit AmpPods right and left
Waterproof carrying case
Left and right silicone tips
Pack of size 10 batteries
Cleaning tool
2 smaller pocket-sized soft cases

Hawk Helium Pro Hang-On Stand & Climbing Sticks
Offering extreme portability without sacrificing size, the Hawk Helium Pro Hang-On Treestand offers a roomy 24” x 30” enlarged platform while only weighing in at an amazingly lightweight 12 pounds. Additionally, the Helium also features heavy-duty cables, a premium powder coating, as well as an extremely comfortable memory foam seat for all day comfort. Weight Rating: 300 lbs. Hawk Climbing Sticks offer superior traction and security. The Helium Series is quite possibly the lightest climbing stick available. It also features premium silent-molded tree attachment hooks for quiet performance.

LaCrosse Hunting Boots of Your Choice
This package includes a gift certificate for a pair of LaCrosse hunting boots of your choice. If hunting is in your blood, then these boots should be on your feet. They’re built for absolute durability and comfort in the harshest of conditions and the toughest of terrains. Boots that won’t let you down. Boots that know a thing or two about toughness, durability, and comfort. Whether for hunting, working, or tending the land upon which they tread, LaCrosse boots give you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you.